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Creating a Parent Portal

Step One - Create your Account

The first step in the process involves creating a Powerschool parent portal account.  Each parent can create their own account and attach a student to it.  This is possible because each account will be tied to a personal email address, which will be used as the log in ID for that parent.  When you're ready to begin, follow these steps:

  • On the Student and Parent Sign In page, click 'Parent Sign In'.
  • On the Welcome to Unified Classroom page, click 'Create an Account here' located at the bottom.
  • This will take you to the 'Set Up Your New PowerSchool ID' page.  Enter the required information and click Create PowerSchool ID.  This is the page where you will enter your personal email address as the Powerschool ID.  In the password field, enter your a password.  Please be sure to use a secure password.
  • You will be taken to a confirmation page where at the top it will say 'That was easy! You're all set'.  At the bottom click 'Continue to Unified Classroom Sign In'.
  • This will take you to the  'Welcome to Unified Classroom' page.  Enter the username and password you just created and then click 'Sign In'.  This will take you to step two.

Step Two - Linking your student to the Account

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